CCS Global Tech’s Government Division: Celebrating Recent Wins

The team is on a roll.

We’re pleased to announce that our Government Division had multiple successes during 2020. This is a major accomplishment given the global pandemic and the challenges it’s brought to the business landscape. Go, team!

As their name implies, the CCS Global Tech Government Division specializes in delivering custom training, staffing, and technology solutions to organizations in the public sector throughout the United States. These agencies vary in size from local school boards to city and county governments to federal programs.

We’re spotlighting three recent wins not only because we’re proud of the team’s success but also because these projects forced the team to stretch, grow, and think outside the box. Their initiative and creativity demonstrate that there is more to IT consulting than meets the eye. Enjoy!

Winning by Refusing to be Daunted

Agency: San Francisco Water

Program/Division: Public Utility Commission

Type of Work: Upgrading SCADA software

Start Date: June 2020

Contract Length: 3 years

The San Franciso Public Utility Commission (SFPUC) is the general utility provider for water and power in the San Francisco metropolitan area. They’re responsible for monitoring and maintaining a complex system that extends 700 miles of water resources from Yosemite National Park, which they do via a SCADA system. In April, they issued an RFP to upgrade the SCADA software and we responded.

Winning this work required strategic and creative thinking. Although we have the technical expertise and experience to perform the software upgrade, there was an engineering element to the job that fell outside our skillset. Undaunted, our Senior Director of Government Services, Joe Arakkal, and his team partnered with a firm from northern California to tackle the engineering element.

This is a very extensive and complex project. Ultimately, we won the contract by addressing all of SFPUC’s needs, demonstrating the ability to coordinate software and applications to make their system more efficient, and bringing in the right engineering partner. The project has been underway for six months and everything is going well.

Bringing In the Dream Team

Agency: San Francisco Water

Program/Division: Asset Management

Type of Work: SCADA support

Start Date: September 2020

Contract Length: 1 year

The SFPUC’s SCADA system is incredibly complex. It allows operators to monitor and compile data on a system that’s 700 miles long and serves a major metropolitan area. To maximize its value, it’s integrated with geospatial and asset management software giving the utility the ability to proactively manage the associated assets (pipes, valves, regulators, etc.) and perform preventative maintenance, so that citizens are not affected by outages, etc., repair costs optimized and service levels are met.

Winning this work came down to one thing: compiling a crack team of IT experts. Knowing what this work entailed, we assembled a team whose members have extensive experience with large scale city and county waterworks. Combined with our SCADA capabilities, this deep talent pool pushed us past 14 other applicants, including two key competitors and the company that wrote the RFP.

Combining Our Talents for the Win

Agency: State of Louisiana

Program/Division: Risk and Controls

Type of Work: Upgrading Records Management System

Start Date: October 2020

Contract Length: 18 months

CCS Global Tech is working with the State of Louisiana’s internal team to ensure the Records Management System program is executed smoothly and to plan. This is a multi-layered project; we’re also supplying a subject matter expert who is helping with project planning, providing policy guidance (including definitions and taxonomy), facilitating archiving, and improving searchability goals set forth by the state.

We were able to start this work earlier than projected. After a month and a half, the project is well underway and going smoothly.

Want to know more about the CCS Global Tech Government Division’s services and capabilities? Contact us today!

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