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Our Managed Services offering takes your biggest technology headaches off your to-do list and puts them into specialized, professional hands. We offer efficient and cost-effective solutions for maintaining your data, updating your systems, monitoring your tech environment’s performance, and more.

Working with a Managed Services provider like CCS Global Tech is a practical way to lower costs, mitigate risks, and improve efficiency. Let our experts bring your team peace of mind and free them up to focus on what they know best: your customers

Our Managed Services Offerings

Data Warehousing & Modernization

Managed Cloud Hosting Services

Data Discovery & Visualization

Cloud Migration & Optimization

Data Security &

Master Data/Data Quality Management (MDM)

Data Migration Services

Are you facing a data extraction, conversion, or migration project? Hire CCS Global Tech to save time and money getting it done once and for all! Our experts have done a wide variety of data migrations across different industries, and we have the tools and processes in place to get the work done quickly and accurately.

Case Study: Production Support for RentPath

RentPath hired CCS Global Tech to create a trustworthy production support process that could handle their growing volume of service requests, generate a large volume of reports, and scale to include new markets on time and on budget.

Facing a tough data problem?

CCS Global Tech has the talent you need to solve it.

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