Costa Rica’s First Lady Attends Helm360’s Costa Rica Office Groundbreaking Celebration

Officially commemorating Helm360’s Costa Rican location has been a long time coming. With celebratory preparations well under way in February 2020, the Covid pandemic quickly put those plans on hold indefinitely. Much rescheduling and canceling has occurred since.  

We’re pleased to share that the auspicious occasion finally took place on Friday, November 26th. The Costa Rica team was delighted to host Helm 360 President and CEO, Raminder Singh, as well as Costa Rica’s First Lady, Claudia Dobles Camargo.  

Mrs. Dobles is extremely active in shaping Costa Rica’s urban development and economic growth. She says: 

“We are extremely satisfied with Helm360’s decision to invest in our country’s southern zone talent, a sign that our capacity and the quality of Costa Rica’s human capital are still two of our greatest strengths for attracting capital and projects. We celebrate this expansion of operations, which translates to more jobs, mostly for women, and a better quality of life for Pérez Zeledón residents. The expansion also reflects a vote of confidence in our human talent, investment climate, and Costa Rican institutions.” 

Since we opened our Costa Rican operations in 2019 in Pérez Zeledón, we’ve generated employment for over 70 area residents, mostly women. This number represents approximately 15% of our total workforce worldwide. Over the next two years, we’re hoping to grow the Costa Rica team to 150 total employees. 

Our President and CEO, Raminder Singh, stated that  “We continue with our commitment to the community as we expand our operation in Pérez Zeledón. We are excited to actively participate in Costa Rica’s economic growth by offering new job opportunities to the San Isidro de El General community, and especially to women.” 

Raminder emphasizes that Helm360 also aims to support area development by technically preparing the population in order to attract more companies to Pérez Zeledón.  

“Many companies focus on San José but if we train more people in Pérez Zeledón, other companies could set their sights on this city,” he adds. 

The decision to put our Costa Rican location in Pérez Zeledón is significant. Costa Rica’s Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano, says: 

“The announcement by the tech company Helm360 fills us with enthusiasm since it represents quality employment opportunities for Costa Ricans residing outside the greater metropolitan area. In the foreign trade sector, we are committed to continuing our hard work of strengthening the Costa Rican business climate in order to encourage the growth of activities of value to the country, improve the preparation of local talent, and create jobs and better opportunities for people in communities around the country.” 

Back at the inaugural ceremony, Mrs. Dobles was given a warm greeting by Raminder and the entire Costa Rica Team. She enjoyed a tour of Helm360’s current offices as well as the proposed site of its new office complex, scheduled to break ground in 2022.  

It was a great honor to receive First Lady Claudia Dobles Camargo at our event. We appreciate her spending time with us and taking an interest in our Costa Rica efforts. Now that our Costa Rican location has officially been inaugurated, we’re looking forward to growing the local team and becoming an even bigger part of the community.  

Helm360 is the legal tech affiliate of CCS Global Tech. Want to know more about their work in Costa Rica? Interested in joining their Costa Rica team? Contact them! They’re happy to tell you more.  

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