CCS Global Tech’s First Annual Avocado Day

A Fun-Filled Success!

Creamy, buttery, and gorgeously green, avocados are a major California crop; 90% of the U.S. crop comes from California. 40% of California’s avocados come from the San Diego area, which is home to CCS Global Tech’s headquarters.  

It’s also where our founder, Raminder Singh, lives. An avid gardener and orchardist, Raminder grows an array of fruit trees, including avocado. He usually sends his organically-grown crop to market for commercial consumption.  

Not this year. 

Whereas most growers looked at this year’s crop as an edible commodity, Raminder saw something different. He saw an opportunity. He decided his avocados had a greater purpose. This year, his avocado harvest would bring people together and support local community organizations. His vision? Give away bags of his organically grown avocados and ask the recipients to donate to local groups supporting Poway’s seniors, youth, and Veterans. 

Voila. Avocado Day was born. 

Held at Poway Memorial Park on Saturday, February 29th, Raminder’s vision came to life. Thanks to a jovial band of volunteers, banners were raised, 25,000 pounds of avocados were unloaded, bags were filled, and the first annual Avocado Day kicked off. Six local nonprofits participated: VETERANS EMPLOYMENT COMMITTEE OF SAN DIEGO COUNTYClassics 4 KidsSTAR/PALPoway Senior CenterUs4Warriors Foundation, and Best Buddies International. Over the course of the four-hour event, 800 people visited, participated and went home smiling with their avocados. What fruit was left at the end of the day (not much!) was donated to a local foodbank. 

If you’ve spent any time with Raminder or entered the CCS Global Tech environment, you know community involvement is a vital thread weaving its way through Raminder’s life and the company’s corporate culture. The company has strong ties with organizations around the world working to combat poverty, improve education and healthcare, foster skills development, support community welfare, and benefit underprivileged children. The Avocado Day event is an extension of this underlying ethos. 

For all those who came to Avocado Day, thank you. It was great to see you. We’ll look for you at our next event. To all the volunteers and local organizations who made the event happen, a big thanks. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated. And to Raminder, a grateful thank you. Without your vision, leadership, and avocados, this great day wouldn’t have become a reality. 

Interested in learning more about CCS Global Tech? Curious to know more about our community engagement? Visit our About page.

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