Case Study: Facilitating Data Migration for Anthology

Anthology is a higher education technology provider with an international footprint. They specialize in business intelligence applications designed specifically for the academic landscape. Their products help higher education institutions incorporate data-driven management and facile communication capabilities into their ecosystems.

Although Anthology’s products use current technology and data systems, quite often their clients do not! This creates significant delivery issues and diminishes the user experience for Anthology’s customers.

Anthology needed help migrating data from the existing platforms their clients were using to the new Anthology products they subscribed to or purchased.

Primary pain points included:

  • The existing client systems did not have data connectors.
  • The existing systems lacked metadata.
  • The data sets had numerous data quality issues (e.g. truncated data, nulls, duplicate data, data type mismatch, misspells, etc.).
  • Information was coming from numerous data silos.
  • Scalability, technological upgrades, and patching were difficult due to the outdated technology being used by Anthology’s clients.

Download the full case study to learn how we solved these issues!

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